Barrel Weights Materials for Dart

tungsten barrel weights for dart photo

Darts come in a variety of materials, weights and grips. The most common metals used in the production of darts' barrel weights are brass, nickel silver and tungsten. Brass is inexpensive and is perfect for the home recreational player and the occasional pub game. Nickel Silver has the same attributes of brass but is tarnish resistant.

Tungsten is extremely dense, three times denser than brass and nickel silver and is popular because of its weight to size ratio resulting in a heavier weight in a smaller mass. If two barrel weights, one made of brass and one made of tungsten, the same weight were compared you would see that the tungsten barrel is 3 times smaller than the brass barrel. These important features make tungsten the material of choice for the more serious dart shooter.

Brass barrel weights are economical and perfect for the beginner. An advantage is that brass is extremely consistent.

Nickel Silver
Nickel silver is similar to brass but harder and stronger. Its barrel weights have a silvery, corrosion resistant finish. Brass and nickel silver barrels are big and in darts big isn’t necessarily better. The reasons for why could a thinner dart are better for you are follows. Firstly, a thinner dart meets with less air resistance. Secondly, you will score highest by packing three darts tightly into the doubles and trebles of the dart board. For that, slimmer darts may be better for you but they might be too light and difficult to throw with accuracy. Nickel silver barrels are certainly better than brass barrels, but the best dart barrels are made of high quality tungsten. Tungsten has a higher density and gives darts weight without the bulk.

Tungsten darts cost more than brass or nickel silver but there’s no match for a quality set of Tungsten darts with harmonized weight and balance. Sleek and slim, these missiles earn big points for serious darters. All tungsten darts are produced to a military grade specification.

Why Tungsten?
Tungsten is incredibly heavy, packing more mass into every dart. Players looking to advance their game choose trim tungsten-alloy barrel weights for their accuracy, confident their darts will hit where you want. Tungsten barrels can sharpen anyone’s game. They give you the stabilizing weight of a heavier dart and the tighter groupings possible only with a slim dart.