Tungsten Barrel Weights for Fishing

tungsten barrel weights for fishing photo

Tungsten barrel weights for Fishingare another variation of the worm weight, but with the advantage of increased mass, which makes these weights much smaller compared with other metals.

Tungsten barrel weights,the most technologically advanced weight available today, provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to lead. Comprised of tungsten, the second hardest substance next to diamonds, Tungsten barrel weights do not add pollutants to water. Tungsten barrel weights offer an important bonus.

First they are 25 percent smaller, much more sensitive and emit twice the sound of lead.Tungsten barrel weights pick up bottom compositions much better than lead or brass barrel weights. Their sensitivity gives you the ability to better define under water structure. Secondly, tungsten barrel weights are non-toxic to environment. Anglers making use of tungsten barrel weights have always been on the leading edge of environmental activism and care. What is more, tungsten barrel weights have a plastic insert that minimizes friction against the line. These weights are great for rigging plastic worms and working heavy cover, with less chance of snagging due to the reduced size and round shoulders of the weight.

Tungsten Barrel Weights Color

Some anglers prefer the tungsten barrel weights that are non-painted, while the others love tungsten barrel weights which are a painted, usually in black. Many anglers choose this color, but the jury is still out on whether this slight variation makes much of a difference. Perhaps in extremely clear water, the brightness of the natural color may spook some fish. So more and more anglers are in need of colorful tungsten barrel weights ,such as green, red, yellow and so on for the sake of attracting fishes or just their own favor color or to be the positive method when dealing with extremely murky water.