Tungsten Barrel Weights for Darts

tungsten barrel weights for dart photo

Darts are made up of four major parts, a point, a barrel, a shaft and a flight. The barrel weights are the main body and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Nowadays, tungsten-based heavy alloy billet is widely used as the standard barrel weights material, for it has a specific gravity, making it a very dense material with small volume. Besides, it has superior wearing resistance, well machinability, etc.

Tungsten barrel weights for dart are commonly available in a range of weights from 16 to 40 grams or more. Pick one that fits your throwing style. A heavier dart overcomes air resistance more efficiently than a lighter dart and provides greater control because it is less susceptible to minor variations in your throwing release. But the heavier the dart, the greater it’s diameter and a large diameter blocks more of the dart board’s high scoring areas. The balance is between the dart’s weight and its diameter where tungsten’s high density helps.

The standard color for tungsten barrel weights is natural color. This will be the least expensive, and will work perfectly well for the most part.